If you have not shown in Western Dressage above Intro 2 or Traditional Dressage above Intro B then your horse may qualify for the program.  See the complete official rules below.

Rookie Horse Championship Series Official Rules

The “Rookie Horse Championship Series” is a program that WDAOK provides for its members.  The purpose is to provide a “first step” or a” next step” into the Western Dressage show arena and to promote participation in schooling shows and increase Western Dressage Membership.  WDAOK rewards the slow, classical training methods, and the use of Western Dressage to develop a sound performance equine, and build a solid partnership that honors the horse.   This program is designed to be a starting point for equine who have reached at least 4 years of age, or a next step for the equine that may have some past show experience but not shown above Western Dressage Intro II, or Dressage Intro B.  This program is not intended to be the peak of the equine’s performance career.  Every effort will be taken by WDAOK to protect all equine and their development as they participate in this program.



2016 Open Division Champion – Lidia Taylor on Ivan


2016  Amateur Division Champion – Janet Cagle on Precious Baby J



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