Sign up to ride with Stacy Westfall! Feb. 17-18 in Pryor, Okla.
Foundation for Performance Clinic with Stacy Westfall, sponsored by the Western Dressage Association of Oklahoma

Stacy Westfall ( is coming to Oklahoma! Stacy is a lifelong horsewoman who has found success in many different arenas – most notably her bridleless freestyle reining performances. She also has competed successfully in ranch riding, dressage, western dressage and cowboy mounted shooting. Not to mention that she has won laurels for her expertise in colt starting and enjoys getting her horses out on the trails. What’s the common thread that ties these different areas together?
A solid foundation.
During this clinic Stacy will explain and demonstrate the common thread that begins with basic exercises and leads to advanced results. Riders can expect to be shown exercises that are appropriate for their horse at the moment, as well as exercises they can use in the future. Auditors can expect to be shown many levels of training and how each will be addressed. Both riders and auditors will leave with an overview of the training process, as well as specific examples.
Stacy will be coming to Joyful Noise in Pryor, Okla., on Feb. 17-18. The last time Stacy held a clinic in the Southwest was in Texas in 2007. Stacy does very few public clinics these days, so this is a very rare opportunity.
A limited number of VIP passes are available to riders and auditors alike, offering one-on-one access to Stacy for those questions you’re just dying to have answered, along with a provided lunch and special arena-side seating for auditors.
Joyful Noise is a luxury facility, offering rubberized footing, security and valet treatment for you and your horse, as well as a special upstairs viewing area to comfortably accommodate auditors! Hotels and dining are nearby.

Note to Riders:

Before the clinic:
Please fill out application form (the link is below), including your goals for this clinic and any specific questions you may already have. If you have a video, please share a link (not required but recommended). Stacy enjoys teaching clinics that are not cookie cutter … and this requires that the riders are open minded, inquisitive and ready to share their goals and current struggles.

At the clinic:
Bring notebooks, you will be encouraged to use them. Bring the bit you generally ride with, as well as a snaffle bit. If you have other questions about bits or other equipment please bring it with you. Please come prepared to warm your horse up in the arena Saturday morning before the clinic begins. Warm up however you feel most comfortable. Stacy will be watching during the warm up, not to judge, but to be able to give more complete feedback during the weekend. Your warmup, in addition to the video link you share (if you have one) will help Stacy determine how to divide the groups.
During the demos or riding times, take breaks and dismount at your discretion.
After the clinic:
Following the clinic Stacy will personally email each rider a short summary of the exercises that they will most benefit from.

Rider form:
Auditor form:
Rider fees = $550
Auditing = $30/day
VIP auditing = $75/day

Riders who want in on the VIP lunches can do so for an additional $20/day.

Stalls are $30/night, and that includes shavings and daily muck-out services.

VIP auditing includes preferred seating arena-side or in the heated hospitality viewing room, lunch on site and exclusive time with our wonderful clinician: a Q&A on Saturday and a video viewing party on Sunday. Regular auditing will get you a seat in the facility’s upstairs viewing area.

For more info: email or call 580-214-0258


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