Thank you to all of our new members and to those who have renewed.   This list is as of January 2017.

Diane Allard

Pat Barcheers

Teresa Boling

Shannon Braudway

Corinne Bridgeman*

Shari Bross

Janet Cagle*

Connie Coker

Jordan Connelly

JR Dodd

Maryellen Dodd M.D.

Kelly Fisher*

Camille Fuller

Susie Harsha

Laurie Hedlund**

Chris Hicks

Annie Houchin

Briana Hughes

Debra Jetkiewicz

Kriestin Kleinschmidt

MaryLou Kultgen

Michelle Lundy

Darcy Marlow

Kendra McDermott

Susan Mohler

Shelby Prather

Tammy Stutzman

Lidia Taylor**

Tracy Vaccaro Dahlgren

Paula Walker*

Alicia Wendt

Rachael Whitton

Judith Zivko


*Board Member

**Advisory Board Member


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